Argentina vs Nicaragua - Argentina 5 Nicaragua 1 Lionel Messi brace inspires rout

Argentina vs Nicaragua - Argentina 5 Nicaragua 1 Lionel Messi brace inspires rout

Lionel Messi was again the hero of Argentina's Copa América preparing for Argentina's 5-1 defeat by Mino Nicaragua.

Messi scored two goals in two minutes from Argentina's former Nicaragua on Friday. Lionel Scillonian leaving Brazil for Men's Copa América

After finishing the international loss due to a match against Venezuela, Messi opened the score in the 37th minute with a great effort. After dancing with three of his defenders on his way to the opener, Messi scored the international goal of Sagiono Aguero again by 67 goals.

Second half brace for Martinez

Lotto Martinez came to the bench and the second half diameter of Central American viewer and Roberto Perrera joined Argentina in the fifth round instead of Nicaragua's Juan Barrera before correcting a 91-minute penalty due to Argentina's performance.

Argentina was great since the beginning, although Nicaragua proved to be against opposition to San Juan, where Messi had a thickness of action.

Aguero - earning the 90th caps - Messi made a slide in the 12th minute by taking a high ball from Giovani Lo Celso, before slipping the golden opportunity, to slide Delco almost slide, failing to communicate properly from close range only.

Matarese Suarez then hit the post near the half-hour mark, although he eventually had a homosexual shot at Messi's fierce competition. Messi fooled three defenders before throwing Nicaragua goalkeeper Justo Lorent in the net.

Edgar's shot on Barcelona's superstar was only able to recover Nicaragua's after losing only Lorelei, Messi transformed a rebound. This proved to be Messi and Aguero's final contribution - this pair made the path for Paolo disable and Martini.

And in the lower corner of the inter-Martinez net, the curling shot in the corner below 27 minutes to seal the victory, after 10 minutes, from the nearest range to the firing before the fourth place. The next option Priya then entered the post behind and tapped for the easiest to aim in the final nine minutes; However, after Nicolas Ottamenda Handball, Nicaragua broke Argentina's clean sheet with a stoppage-time penalty.
Argentina vs Nicaragua - Argentina 5 Nicaragua 1 Lionel Messi brace inspires rout

What does that mean? Prepare Argentina for Copa América

Or they might be as ready. Scholey tried to open as much international football as possible for its players as much as possible. In 2015 and 2016, runner up, Argentina win the title of the South American Tournament and five in four.

Messi Magic win minds another win

It was enough for 45 minutes to inspire Argentina in Estadio San Juan del Bassentario. 36 La Liga goals scored 6 European European gold shoes, Messi's fast brace has set the voice for Argentines. The 31-year-old was absolutely lively, tried to make the first half.

Argentina is very tested

James Rodriguez and Colombia are waiting for the future, perhaps likely seeking big tests for his defenders. If OTAMANDI was penalized for handball, Franco did not have to do anything in the Armani Sticks to choose the ball from behind the net.

What next

Argentine Copa América will begin the Copa America campaign against Colombia on 15 September, and Nicaragua will face Costa Costa Costa Rica in the inaugural ceremony of ConakAffin Gold Cup a day later.

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