How To Turn On Night Mode In Google Chrome On Android

Google Chrome is the most popular Browser in all Web Browser. So today lets talk about the most wanted feature in Google Chrome. Yes, we are talking about enebling Dark Mode in Google Chrome. If you are using Samsung's One UI, then there is already an option to enable Dark Mode in Chrome. You can also use Dark Mode via Substratum Theme Engine. And in order to usew substratum, you'll have to Root your Device, and there are not that many people who are willing to take that risk of Rooting their device just to get a Dark Mode on Google Chrome.
                                                         But don't worry. If you have the Latest version of Google Chrome installed in your Device, then you will be anle to use Dark Mode on Google Chrome just by changing some Flags settings. So let's jump into it!

               This is a settings which has been hidden on the Google Chrome. So the first thing we need to do is essentially go to the page called chrome:\\flags. after opening this page the first thing we are going to do is hit the Search button and search for the word 'Android Web'. After finding that settings, you will just have to change it from 'Default' to 'Enable'. After doing that it will ask you to relaunch, but we are gonna skip for a sec because there is one more toggle that we need to change into Chrome. Hit the Search button again and look for the settings  named 'Android Chrome UI Dark Mode'. After finding that do the same thing you did with that previous toggle (Change 'Default to Enable'). Now press the 'Relaunch' button which is being popped up from the bottom of your screen.

    After relaunching Chrome you will notice that it will restart the page and we have this option here where the page is in darker colour but the top has not turned on. After that go to your Chrome's app info, anf hit the 'Force Stop' button. And the reason behind that is Chrome needs that to kich in and the feature to show un in Chrome Settings. Then go back to Chrome, the same page will open; now tap the 3-Dot button you can see at the top right corner of the screen and press settings. In settings you will find an option called 'Dark Mode'. Just go ahead and Enable it. And then you will notice that it has Darken the UI entirely.

    And those were the two option you need to turn on the Dark mode in Google Chrome in Mobile devices. And by doing that you will get all of those pages in dark Mode. And that's it! Be sure to let us know in the comment section that what do you think about the  Dark Mode in Google Chrome. '  

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