Jio's unlimited 4G vouchers start at Rs. 11 and For More ........

Jio has narrowed the Indian telecom space controversially with a reasonable 4G plan and most of the services were affordable.

The company offers a huge selection of unlimited data plans with different validity limits, but these plans bring the FUP limit, which if exceeded, will reduce the internet speed to 60 kbps.
However, in this case, you can buy vouchers starting from Rs. 11 to recover internet speed.
Jio information plans come with speed restrictions Witch-


No data plan can be picked up in Jio, there is always a daily quota for high-speed internet.
Money, depending on your plan, you will get a full 4G speed up to a specific limit, but after exceeding that limit, your internet speed will be reduced up to 60 kbps.
The Internet will still work for the rest of the day (with free calls/messages), but it is not fast.

This is where you need an internet speed booster


If your data limit is reached, then it can be restored in two ways: both of them wait for the next day or buy a booster voucher from jio.

If only one hour or two is left before the end of the day, most people will prefer the first choice, but if it is high or you need the internet at high speeds, the voucher comes easily.

Jio voucher applied to plans, increasing speed

Booster voucher applies to the existing plan and fulfills your internet speed for the rest of the day.
They are activated throughout your internet plan's validity (no FUP) and are automatically activated when your daily quote gets tired.
When the Internet speed is restored for the next day, the remaining data from the booster voucher is borne for future use.

Jio offers multiple speed booster voucher options

Voucher options
Jio provides multiple boosters for users of different needs.
For example, if you only need it once, you will get 400MB of data at Rs.11 vouchers or which is Rs. 21 and 1 GB offer.
If you have finished data often, there are big options, such as 3 GB or 6 GB, with Cost of Rs.51 And Rs. 101

Note: Voice calls are always free

That said, it is important to keep in mind that voice calls are always free, even when you've finished your everyday internet quota or bought a booster voucher.

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